The Extraordinary Voyage

Everyone knows the image of the rocket in the eye of the moon. But where does it come from? Filmed in 1902, 6 years after the invention of cinema, by Georges Méliès (one of the heroes of Scorsese’ film Hugo Cabret), A Trip To The Moon was the first blockbuster in the history of cinema, but it has been forgotten ever since.
In 1993, the discovery of a print of the film IN COLOUR is the start of the most sophisticated and expensive restoration in the history of cinema: 12 years of work, the latest technologies involved, a multi-national plan for an impossible resurrection.

The Extraordinary Voyage is designed to go with Méliès’ short film A Trip To The Moon, in order to form an 65-minute screening experience.


Directors :
Serge Bromberg & Eric Lange

Write by Serge Bromberg, Eric Lange & collaboration with
Frédérique Moreau
Genre :
Length :

Distributor: MK2
First broadcast
Décembre 2011